The MarkGong Studio represents creativity, grace, and comfort. Simple yet sophisticated, quite yet noticeable, MarkGong's concept it to mold out a independent and unconventional women in the most beautiful manner possible. MarkGong Studio was established in 2015 by Mark Gong who is a student in Parsons The New School. MarkGong uses fashion as a medium to convey his vision of life, history, and culture. Within just 3 years he managed to create 4 seasons of ready to wear collection all while still running different marketing aspects of his growing business.

MarkGong arrived to California 5 years ago to study in high school. The school Mark attended did not allow students to use cell phones or provide internet connection. Their intentions being to assure that the students focus on their studies without any outside distractions. With no phone or any sort of connection to the outside world, Mark felt alone, lost and helpless. Not speaking the language and foreign to the culture he found it very hard to make new friends. So far from home and everything he knew he spent day after day in his small paneled room deep in thought and introspection. It was during this long and saddened period that it dawned on Mark to turn to clothing and design to express his emotions and try to liven up his spirit. He started slow with simple sketches and constantly searching for new inspiration.  The school and all its rules made him feel constrained limiting his creative side. This pushed him to look elsewhere for sources of inspiration, it was there in the vast outdoors that he found true solace and inspiration. Soaking in the beautiful nature and sunsets opened his mind and horizon to a colorful future with dancing silhouettes.


Although Mark Gong always had a keen interest in luxury items, he had absolutely no experience in fashion design. Nevertheless, he decided to take the plunge and learn all there is to know about the fashion industry. Starting from scratch he learned how to sketch, create a feel for fabric, and seek inspiration. After 1 year of continuous trial and error and much guidance from his teachers, Mark's first collection started to take shape. His true inspiration came from the once detested natural wilderness which all not too long before represented his loneliness and solitude. Suddenly he was able to comprehend that it was these large rocks, trees, and green grass that created nature and beauty in its own sometimes harsh and abrasive manner. They were all so simple yet sophisticated, quite yet noticeable. This underlines MarkGong Studio's quest of enabling mankind to connect between modern fashion and the beautiful sometimes coarse and rough nature. As Mark's favorite saying goes “all good things are wild and free”. This is the belief that mother nature contains many wild and free places.


MarkGong Studio puts a strong emphasis on quality by using skilled workmanship with over 20 years of experience. 60% of the materials used are imported from France and Italy while the remaining 40% comes from the USA. most of which are designed for and exclusive to Mark. Especially the MarkGong's 2017 spring-summer collection took over 3000 hours of workmanship to produce.  

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Most of the photographs used in MarkGong advertisement campaign were taken by Mark himself. MarkGong has incorporated his outlook on the vast and wild beauty of the outdoors into these photographs.