For over 3 months MarkGong contemplated back and forth how he can create and present an truly unforgettable collection. With all respect to his previous two collections he created, this time he chose to go back and use what he knew and defined women and beauty to be. By searching within his inner self, he would be able to properly express the diversity and true simple beauty of a woman.  


From a very young age, Mark had been acquainted with many women from all walks of life. From his mother friends to classmates and colleagues every one of them had their own character and differed to what they were seeking in life. They were those that were brimming with passion and warmth while others were straight up cold and distant. Many were childish and constantly seeking money and fame while others managed to overcome these the social pressures. Some become haughty with their change of social status while other stayed down to earth and humble.  But the one common denominator between all the women was their continuous blossoming beauty.  In MarkGong's Spring Summer line he has taken inspiration from many of the women surrounding him in his day to day life. Combining different materials, he created 12 pieces of formal attire. Each piece representing different women with different characteristics.  At the same time leaving the audience in suspense allowing them to define and understand each piece in their own personal interpretation


In this collection, Mark has used a mixture of lace, fur, nylon, tulle, pearls, cashmere and other high-grade materials to express the diverse beauty of women. For the first time, having full pearls sewn and placed into the tulle skits gave MakoGong's Spring Summer line the added vigor and vitality he hoped for.  In contrast with the MarkGongs previous lines, the 2017 Spring Summer line is more sophisticated by using more technical construction. With 10 craftsmen creating the line this took over 3000 hours to produce, starting from the very first sketch draft to the actual full clothing line completion. To celebrate this accomplishment, MarkGong conducted their first news conference in the USA. This time the campaign was shouted in Santa Barbara and surrounding area. Once again done by Mark himself. 

Abandoning the canyon to combine trash left over by passing travelers with high-quality custom attire in the midst of desolation. All for the sake of discretely revealing the true pinnacle contemporary women and her mysterious beauty.