Photographer: Szilveszter Makó/ Stylist: Gaultier Desandre Navarre/ Hair: Shay Halaly Ziv/ MUA: Ronelle Goshen/ Casting: Elliott Foote/ Model: Isis Marine

In this FW 2020, MARKGONG wants to bring some nostalgia into our Fall/Winter collection, the title "FRAME."

2020 sounds like an era full of newly invented technology and sci-fi elements if we look back in some of the movies. However, MARKGONG's new FW20 collection, FRAME, is in the opposite direction.

By using different tones of earthy colors and combine different weights and texture of the fabric, this FW20 collection continues to shows Mark's unique touch in garment design. Modern meets classic, feminism meets masculine; all these elements are part of MG's DNA.

Traceback to 18th century France, FRAME is inspired by the oil painting within the time of neoclassicism. At present, Mark awake the women from those painting, dress them in modern silhouette garments. We want to celebrate the women no matter in the past or the present.

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